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Is it safe?

There are inherent risks when traveling to any foreign country. News from the media portrays Iraq as dangerous. However, most conflict is situated in the central and southern parts of Iraq. Project Nineveh’s ministries are located in the KRI which is currently free from war and violence. Most people who have attended these trips testify that the areas we travel to “feel just like another city.”

Habibi International also takes certain safety precautions, outlined in our Security & Travel Protocol. All team members will be trained on this protocol in Orientation. It is important to note that while the protocols are comprehensive, all participants are ultimately responsible for their own safety. All participants are volunteers. If you or a family member is concerned about safety and would like to speak with someone in detail, please contact

Do I need any prior experience to go on the trip?

When selecting team members, Habibi International will consider an applicant’s cross-cultural experience. More importantly, we will evaluate whether the individual embodies a willingness to serve. We are looking for individuals who are willing to learn and serve the refugees and IDPs well. We look forward to receiving your application; please contact for more information. Habibi International does not expect everyone to be 100% prepared, so we will provide training through a series of pre-trip orientation meetings in order to help prepare all volunteers.

What can I expect on this trip?

Your trip will look differently based on what team you are on. Most days start at 7am and end around 5pm. You can expect to work long hours but you can also expect times of rest. Most team members describe each day as “long, but fulfilling.” You can also expect to hear stories of trauma and heartbreak, but also stories of hope and redemption. Many previous team members have expressed experiencing hope amidst uncomfortable & foreign situations in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

I do not have medical or dental professional experience. What can I contribute?

While medical and dental work are the most recognizable parts of Habibi International’s work, these areas comprise of simply one part of the work in Northern Iraq. There are many other areas that may pique your interest such as teaching English, distributing food, or visiting refugee shelters. Even if these other areas of work may not fit your passions and profession, we welcome you to creatively brainstorm other ways to serve refugees and IDPs.

Is there WiFi?

Yes! WiFi is available in the hotels where teams stay. You are able to contact your family and even use social media (i.e. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram), although we discourage heavy usage of your phone during the trip.

What is the expected cost of this trip? When can I start fundraising?

Individuals can choose to pay for the trip themselves or fundraise. If you choose to fundraise, please start AFTER you receive the “Welcome Email,” meaning you have been invited and personally decided to attend. A typical trip costs around $2,200-3,000 depending on airfare.